Born in Florence in 1937, holding a degree from the School of Architecture at Florence's University, Jean-Pierre Buffi arrives in Paris in 1964 and is hired by Jean Prouvé.

Following various jobs, especially at the Paris Urban Center, he completes his first major buidlings in the mid 1970s: the "Casa Lusena" in West Milan, the National School of Arts in Cergy-Pontoise (outskirts of Paris) and the French Cultural Institute in Lisbon, Portugal.

During the 1980s, Jean-Pierre Buffi builds both IBM Regional Headquarters in Lille and Bordeaux, two major French cities. In 1995, he creates Buffi Associés with his wife and architect Marianne Buffi, who is also in charge of running the studio day-to-day operations.

He then follow-ups by working on or supervising high profile housing programs - in particular for the Paris Housing Authority (RIVP) - and gets more international exposure in 1991 thanks to the complex urban operation of "Les Collines de la Défense" (with its Great Nave, a project selected then by the French President), without a doubt one of Jean-Pierre Buffi most impressive achievement to date. He then follows-up by supervising, as Lead Architect, Paris largest Urban Redevelopment Area of Bercy, including the "Park Front", which is currently being completed (2005). He supervises each building's architect, sets the Main Outline Rules and Regulations, selects the constructions materials and even conceives key design related details.

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