• Book: BUFFI ARCHITECTURES 1988-2008 by Jean-Pierre Le Dantec (2008)

Binding: paperback 165 pages
Publisher: Le Moniteur (October 1st 2007)
Collection: Monographie d'architecture
Language: French, English
Publisher's note (translated): "Jean-Pierre Buffi's position on the international architectural scene is singular since, for the last ten years, he has been working in both France and his native Italy. This "beyond borders" position constantly nourished his production since the beginning. Trained at Florence's School of Architecture - an intense think tank of great intellectual and artistic stimulation - then in France with famous Jean Prouvé, who passes on such immeasurable love of soundness and building quality, he is revealed as a man of "making" who always combined his practice with theoretical reflection through a flawless involvement into teaching. His work, entirely revolved around building passion, is introduced in this book under different angles - which are witness of the richness of his step as well as the diversity of his projects scale: building the void / building with light and matter / building with technique / building the city / building with landscape / building for living. From the Collines of la Défense Business District to France's National Museum of Prehistory, from the University of Avignon to the Park Front of Bercy in Paris, from the Toulouse Media Library to the Area Vitali Urban Planning in Turin, there are around sixty projects and realizations made those last 20 years by Buffi Associés."
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  • Monograph: JEAN-PIERRE BUFFI by Enrico Chapel (1993)

Foreword by Valerio Adami, introduction by Marc Bedarida
Binding: bound 244 pages
Publisher: Le Moniteur (October 21st 1993)
Collection: Architecture
Language : French
Publisher's note (translated): "Among the selected projects and realizations, you can discover the architect particular urban reflection and step, his constant concern of integrating his building within the urban fabric, whether there are residential or offices. Jean-Pierre Buffi essentially worked in France, but the book also shows the Lisbon French-Portuguese Institute and the lost competition of Rome's French Lycee."
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