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2007 • EE lot Carré Design
rue de la Ferme, Boulogne Billancourt, France

Wrapped around a Mediterranean-style garden in Southwest Boulogne Billancourt (a plush Paris Western suburb), lot D buildings make up the EE plot major hinge with the districts to the West.

  • The building opens up in the ground's depth except for a pavilion, edifice-object laying down at the EE lot Southern tip. Such architecture allows a particular reading of a building becoming a plot exception.
  • Bordering the street, the edifice's wish is to clearly make a difference with the immediate surroundings. It is closely united to the East and the lot's heart. It offers a wide open reading toward the inner garden. The dialog intimately intermingles inner and outer spaces.
  • On the other side, the street facade offers a very "adjusted" urban reading. Cornice moldings proportions, base, building structure and crowning are paced by a vertical alignment and liven up the street. On the courtyard side, the building frees itself, it becomes more plastic and takes in a large inner green space, a cocoon punctuated by private little gardens at the bottom of the facade.
Program: 58 home-ownership condominiums • Built area: 4,500 sq.m. • Schedule: start of studies September 2002 • Start of works: October 2005 • Delivery: August 2007 • Cost: 6,3 million €
Developer/Contracting authority: Nexity, SEERI, CFI Orizon • Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with T. Eberhard and P. Hatem • Building contractor: BATEG

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