Bonnac_NEW_Détail façade rue
2008 • Bonnac lot, Bordeaux
Upscale apartments and residential hotel, Bordeaux

The urban scope: The project main stakes is to create at urban scale a physical link between two major districts of the city of Bordeaux (Southwestern France), the historic area (Gambetta district) and the 1970s new city (Meriadeck shopping mall and office center), and to create, thank to a mixed-used approach, a lively place and an extension of retail activities through:

  • a fragmented and paced volumetry on rue St Sernin, a kind of high houses that arrange and sequence the urban front
  • a more massive volumetry facing Meriadeck,
  • a covered shopping "street", the direct extension of streets facing its entrances, thus establishing a direct walkway connection between the Gambetta district and the Meriadeck Center as well as the tramway stops,
  • remarkable entrance lobbies, with high ceiling and opening toward the cities: an exhibition display of an artistic creation

Program: 120 upscale condominiums • 3-star residential hotel • Shopping gall (Unibail) • Parking (230 spaces) • Built area: 24,000 sq.m. • Schedule: competition winner December 1999 •
Start of works: January 2005 • Delivery: June 2008 • Cost: 30 million €
Developer/Contracting authority: EIFFAGE Immobilier • Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with S.Carnus • Building contractor: EIFFAGE Construction

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