Bercy_vue Front 01
1994 - 2005 • Bercy Park Front apartment buildings
Bercy new neighborhood, Paris XIIth district

First step: to better understand how similar Parisian park front where worked out. The most outstanding are the Rue de Rivoli (facing the Tuileries rectangular park) and the Champs de Mars, in front of the Eiffel Tower. Both parks have actually similar sizes and closely approach Bercy Park's size and shape. One realizes then to which point Bercy Park is firmly part of the Parisian very unique urban scale. Then, we unmounted the classical block while reasoning on its different components:

  • On each side, both edifices facing the lateral streets become a partition which contributes each to give shape to the street public space while running along it and framing two pavilions
  • To the North, the block remains more closed and the building borders the street according to classical Parisian alignment, because of the relatively strong neighborhood's density and the municipal cap on buildings height (37 meters) that we truly regret
  • On the Park's side, instead, the traditional block is literally exploded: this is where the pavilions rise, a kind of building that splits up the front into free objects, thus creating a rhythm, a suite of sequences along the park, offering to the inner residents a view toward green and sunlight
  • At this stage, we realized that, beyond the blocks fragmentation, we still had to maintain the Park Front's formal coherence. Hence the idea to connects such "objects," those free shapes like the 1930s Terragni housing in Milan. Such large hanging terraces, that are not only developed in front of the apartments but also between them like boat pontoons, propose a whole new kind and more original lifestyle.

From such principles framework were deducted specific rules given to the architects and developers and summed up in a coherent specifications book, with incentives but not restrictive.

Contracting authorities: SEMAEST - City of Paris • Lead Architect: Buffi Associés, Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with F.Millet, F.Bret, T.Eberhard • Public spaces coordination: OGI • Front Park architects: Buffi Associés, F.Hammoutène, Chaix & Morel, F.Montes, Y.Lion, Dussapin & Leclerc,
Ch. de Portzamparc, H.Ciriani, Ceria & Coupel • Schedule: start of studies 1988 • Completion: 2005

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