Courbevoie_vue rue OK
2006 • Residential hotel, Paris La Défense
Danton urban area, Courbevoie, France
  • Urban scope: the project is articulated around a square towards which it opens. It thus becomes its constituting key element.
  • Architectural scope: an urban prism dashes toward the oval plaza to the North, it opens itself to the sun through the plot heart to the West. The district facades stretched patterns slide sideways to anchor themselves to the edifice. From such friction arises the movement that reconstructs the volumes' inertia. A transition is eventually tangible, the angle offering itself as a position marker, the sun making it its support. A powerful signal, a verticality full of energy and momentum that has to engage into visual agreements with its neighbors. From two blades rise a prism, freeing a space offering ground transparencies looking toward the lot's heart.

Program: 4-star tourism residence • Cultural center • Parking (180 spaces) • Area: 8,500 sq.m. • Schedule: start of works January 2004 • Delivery: November 2006 • Cost: 10 million €
Developer/Contracting authority: Résidétudes, City of Courbevoie (ZAC Danton) •
Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with B. Lenormand and P.Hatem •
Building contractor: Bouygues

Une réalisation Heuveline