PdC_rendu géné
1994 • Paris Convention Center
2 place de la Porte Maillot. Paris XVII

This new frontal building, an extension of the existing Convention & Congress Center, opens toward Paris' majir axis, frames the northern part of the huge Porte Maillot's square and welcomes the public on said square revamped shape.

  • Structurally speaking, all 4 levels, 150-meter wide by 20-meter deep, are hanging from a mega beam anchored onto the stairs' core in order to minimize structural impact and to enable optimal fluidity on all exhibition levels.
  • Such solution completely frees the main floor level, providing transparency and continuity between the outside and all reception and retail activities.
  • Exhibition spaces' unifying hull, the translucent, thin marble facade transmits light from outside as well as from inside, day and night, and thus reveals the intense indoor activity. It is made of a complex double layered skin that one can "visit", with both a simple glass partition and Carrara's thin marble sheets, the inner emptiness allowing maintenance access and lighting of the facade.
  • The main access becomes a signal thanks to two huge symbolic doors (15 x 23m) that frame it and open toward the bustling megalopolis. Fully integrated within the architecture, such gates become the building's means of communication, visible from both Paris and exclusive suburb Neuilly, thanks to huge video screens set in a thick bronze plait.

Program: grand reception hall, exhibitions stages, conference rooms, administrative offices, retail, stocking, delivery area, parking • Built area: 56,525 sq.m.
Schedule: competition 1994 - winner but not eventually selected • Developer/Contracting authority: SIPAC (Paris Chamber of Commerce) • Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with R.Ben Hassine and F.Egreteau • Interior designer: Philippe Starck

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