Hines_vue rue 02
2006 • Le Prélude (Hines)
Office building, Boulogne Billancourt
  • The architectural statement and insertion into the site:

Block EE directives highlight the essential visual connection between General Leclerc Avenue and the block inner garden. Our project creates a strong, identifiable event by bringing a modern architectural expression that respects the site's urban character. The building is conceived as a glass prism floating above ground and set on elements that are aligned with the streets, bringing up a sliding game where stone, glass and steel alternate and lighten the project's image while enhancing its dynamic on the avenue, per the City of Boulogne Billancourt's expectations. Such composition "levitates" above the main floor, which is mostly of glass, especially the lobby facing the avenue. This private transparent space echoes the porch opening that generously expand toward then inner garden, following a broken line that alternatively shelter the building main entrance as well a the cafeteria, while intermingling outer and inner spaces. The edifice turns around to rue Heyrault through a stone wedge that holds the angle, followed by a glass block crowned by an easily accessible terrace. Such layout engages the block's composition system, alternating solids and transparencies, lots and caesuras, which animate the street and reveal the inner garden.
The will to carefully insert the building in its surroundings and thus avoid the "object effect" enabled us to treat the Northern and Eastern facade, on the street, establishing a dialog with the urban space and the Southern and Western facades like an interior uniform skin that embraces the garden. the facades' treatment is inscribed within the volumetric and urban will that we developed with respect to the conditions of the EE block's contract. Wide open toward the outside to better benefit from light, the building opposes stone and steel to glass, the horizontal vs. the vertical.

Program: office building 9,000 sq.m. • Offices, executive restaurant • Parking: 160 spaces
Cost of works: 15 million € • Schedule: start of studies September 2002 •
Building permit: June 2004 • Start of works: August 2005 • Delivery: December 2006
Developer/Contracting authority: HINES France • Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi, with F. Egreteau and P. Hatem • Associate architect: AURIS • Interior designer: Juan Trindade •
Building contractor: SICRA

Une réalisation Heuveline