IBM_vue géné 01
1987 • IBM Northern Region Headquarters
Lille, France

Prior to any functional consideration, it's a matter of creating a spatial system that enables the edifice to be connected to its environment.

  • A 180-wide semicircle deploys its sharp silhouette between the tall trees, frames the clearing thus arranges the landscape. Such semicircle, a floating shape by nature, is firmly anchored into the site thanks to a polished concrete-stone that crosses it diagonally and reveals at the same time the North-South journey coming from the park's entrance.
  • The blade leads to the main lobby rotunda which height mirrors the building's and which anchors it to the ground and stabilizes it.

Program: offices, computer rooms, restaurant, exhibition space, main lobby • Cost of works: 9.5 million € • Built area: 14,000 sq.m. • Schedule: start of studies April 1985 • Delivery: January 1987
developer/Contracting authority: IBM France • Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with B.Lenormand • Buiding contractor: Fougerolle

Une réalisation Heuveline