1988 • IBM Southern Region Headquarters
Bordeaux, France
  • The edifice is organized in two sections: above a two-level square base (which hosts the public reception areas and the restaurant) are standing 3 office stories in the shape of a set square and opened toward the nearby lake.
  • A semi circular entrance court rolls the outer space inside the edifice's body, working like a call to the visitors and as the building anchor in the ground: made of concrete/dark polished stone prefabricated elements and covered by a truncated cupola, such double layer enables the building to take root in the site and opens it towards the skies.
  • The edifice as a whole takes place in the site cut inside a meticulously geometric envelope which base is square, a symbolic figure able to survive is such a poorly structured territory. It appears as a glass and natural aluminum "stereo metric" volume, an abstract wall-mirror seen from the arrival, becoming "readable" once it's been bypassed while approaching the round reception courtyard.
  • The articulated spaces complex (entrance courtyard, lobby, vertical connection tower) constitutes the entire penetration spaces. Thanks to its materialization (concrete/dark polished stone and stucco for the vertical walls, white marble on the floor), this spaces sequence constitutes the edifice's public urban part in sharp contrast with the work's private spaces, shrouded by glass and aluminum.

Program: office building, training rooms, computer rooms, restaurant, exhibition rooms • Built area: 9,200 sq.m. • Schedule: start of studies August 1985 • delivery: January 1987
• Cost of works: 13,5 million €
Developer/Contracting authority: IBM France • Managing developer: Coteba Management • Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with B.Lenormand and V.Pignot

Une réalisation Heuveline