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2007 • Grand Bazaar of Lyon
Place des Cordeliers, Lyon, France

The Great Bazaar of Lyon has been part of the Gaul capital since 1855. Its reconstruction aims at restoring its uniqueness as integrative part of a UNESCO World heritage classified site. The building must be at once a key element and being part of an ensemble. The choice of maximum transparency quickly appeared as unavoidable for it was closely connected to the architectural concept.

  • Extensive work was done on the object's shape and proportions in order to integrate a high-tech outer layer, as light as possible while benefiting from contemporary glass products and advanced hanging techniques. Such transparency transcends it as an object respectful of its site while being different. Homogeneity and contemporary character are highlighted as well through the well thought choice of materials like glass and metal.
  • All volume's base facades are made of stapled glass standing on a light indoor metallic structure on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Such choice optimizes the overall transparency and is coherent with the interior design concept developed by upscale convenience store chain Monoprix.
  • The copper roof ensures a color continuity that matches the horizontal metal blades that rung on the upper levels facades, where are the offices.

Program: retail 5,200 sq.m., offices 3,000 sq.m., 262 parking spaces • Built area: 8,200 sq.m. • Schedule: start of studies September 2002 • Building permit: June 2004 • Start of works: August 2005 • Cost of works: 15 million €
developer/Contracting authority: Lyon République / Virgil • Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi, with S.Carnus • in association with : Philippe de Fouchier architect, F. Lobry and S. Drapier • Engineering & design office: HDA Paris-Hugh Dutton Associés (facades) - Alto (Fluids) - Khephren (Structure) • Lighting engineer: Cobalt • Building contractor: Pitance Lyon

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