Nice_vue Quai des EU
2006 • Kempinski Palace
Quai des États-Unis, Nice
  • The hotel architecture is mainly inspired by its direct environment: the building's layout into two parallel bodies mimics the Cours Saleya market's terraces while each wing prolongs the neighboring buildings with full respect of the last floor's set back ordinance. the facades' layout is inspired by Nice's historic traditions with its vertical rhythms which alternates stone, coating and high shades overlooking the more marked building basis. Our shutters reinvent the traditional shades from Nice while facilitating their handling thanks to a mechanized sliding system. All materials are inspired by the existing colors: light ochre walls and gray-green shutters for the upper levels, light beige stone with white horizontal inserts on the street level.
  • Between both wings, the Atrium, which baroque volume is in sharp contrast with the facades' regularity and is covered by a high-tech roof that reminds of fish skin through it plastic shape, its metallic reflections and its grid. Said skin filters the sunlight thanks to increasing transparencies as it gets closer to the ground. Its unique, breathtaking geometry is enhances by strait lines that give a lift to it and ease its implementation. While its covers the lower level garden, it turns back to form a facade and deploy itself on its upper portion, thus becoming the higher levels roof, prolonged by light canopies protecting the large pool terrace. By offering a renewed interpretation of the palaces of Nice's architecture and powerful signal toward the exclusive seashore, this new skin toward the main terrace and curves itself to become a startling roof swimming pool.
  • Additional signals that characterize the edifice are canopies welcoming any visitor and that fold back along the facade right above both entrances ; in particular above the rue St François de Paule main access, located exactly in the rue de l'Opera's axis.

Program: international competition winner 2006, 4-star palace on the last available seafront lot on Quai des États Unis in Nice • 175 design & high-tech bedrooms • Built area: 13,700 sq.m. • Planned budget : 42 M€ HT • Project on hold •
Developer/Contracting authority: GENERIM, Eiffage • Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with V. Jacob and S. Carnus • Associate architects : J.P. Gomis, G. Varnitsky

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