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2008 • IRIDE Heating Plant
Turin, Italy

The plant's architecture must be considered as an urban sculpture.
The result of this are three concepts:

  • Energy, as a symbolic expression: it is materialized by the outer facing, which includes the cylinders, the chimney and the boxes. The outer layer is shaped as a spiral thus giving a dynamic aspect to the building.
  • The structural choice: the chosen solution is of porticoes associated with posts and high range beams made of prefabricated concrete. The intentional result is to free the central space. The skin is made of a complex series of metallic sails that overlap.
  • Light, another energy symbol, is here used as a highlighting tool. The choice of steel for the sails was ascertained by its lifespan resistance and its power to capture light. The arrangement of this material allows light's variations during the day, while at night the plant is lit and becomes the new city beacon thanks to an elaborate inner lighting system.

Program: competition winner 1996 • Turin new heating plat • Built area: 7,500 sq.m. • Schedule: Start of studies June 2001 • Start of works: December 2004 • Cost: € 43 million • Delivery: 2008
Developer/Contracting authority: Azienda Energetica Municipale di Torino • Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with A.Bonora and S. Carnus • Engineering & design office: HDA Paris-Hugh Dutton Associés • Light engineer: Concepto - R. Narboni

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