Arena 92_Vue Parvis_Jour 02
2011 • Arena 92
La Défense Great Axis, Nanterre (France)

The ARENA 92 surges at the Paris La Défense CBD in Nanterre: its stadium filled with 32,000 spectators distributed on four (4) stands, its 6,000 to 40,000-space fully modular entertainment showplace, a 33,000 m² BBC (=BREEAM/LEED) exceptional tertiary services crowning, and a supplementary program blend of conference rooms, VIP spaces, restaurants, executive restaurant, parking.

  • Urban integrity: the grounds institutional positioning, right on the Paris Major Historical Axis, requires an essential gesture:an immaculate and pure slab floating above the city. The ARENA 92 settles down as both a major edifice and a structuring position. Culmination of the Defense Axis extension, the ARENA 92 acts as both a milestone initiating the new Drouilles block urbanization. Its four identical faces offer to its environment a similar quality of image. An active cultural expression scene, it drives the new area's liveliness. A newborn urban life, alternating whirl and calm, will inhabit the Parvis (=Square) and the Aimé Césaire street.
  • Engraved in the territory: held by the urban lines, the ARENA 92 maintains an unflagging and identity-driven dialog with its site. It sets ups a powerful monument-to-monument relationship withe the Arch of La Défense. The sobriety of its white volume and the rigor of its outline carve it into timelessness. To the Arch marble candor, it replies with white silk-screened glass, and to the free floating cloud under the Arch, with the breach's echo.
  • A new City Marker: The architectural unity is carried by all four façades which share similar high-quality design. They draw a white rock levitating above the ground, a mass held above life. Its image is of a pure shape breached by an uneven crack that frees its contained energy. Solemn and intense, it embodies the ARENA 92's signature.
2010/2011 Competitive Dialog Finalist • Surface area: 92 980 m² • Provisional budget: 265 M€ VAT excluded • Lead Architects: IntensCité® (AIA Associés + BUFFI) • LEED & General Contracting Engineering: AIA Ingénierie • Contracting Authority: RACING ARENA – OVALTO Investissement • Lead Company: BESIX • Executive façade technical office : ARCORA • Executive acoutics technical office: Tisseyre & Associés • Scenography: Architecture et Technique • Lighting concept: 8’18’’

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