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2010 • ERFPS II, Rouen
Health Campus, University Hospital, City of Rouen
  • The ERFPS (Regional Institute for Health Professional Training) completes the existing compact urban campus initiated by the University's buildings, to which was added the ERFPS.
  • Within the tight boundaries of this site on the fringe of the urban center, in an environment made of disparate and confusing educational buildings, it was important to make a statement through architecture and volume, and to enhance the unifying and identifying presence of said educational institutions. The prime goal was to give birth to a coherent and diverse center of learning, but also to turn away from the easy temptation of heterogeneous "collage" of buildings that considerably lowers and impoverishes this part of the city, a mirror image of not so far gloomy suburbs.
  • Hence, it was mandatory to first carefully organize the project's inner functioning, then define its specific "character" in connection with the University's surrounding buildings, thus its optimal scale as the missing link which, facing the city center, plays as the last element of a white-and-red trilogy.

Program: 8-story learning center including 1 500-seat lecture theater, 2 x 210-seat lecture theaters,
1 x 120-seat lecture-theater, teaching and administrative offices • Built area: 5.400 sq.m. •
Schedule: competition winner May 2006 • Scheduled delivery: 2010 •
Estimated cost: 6.60 million € •
Developer/Contracting authority: ICADE G3A, Haute Normandie General Council • Lead architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with T. Eberhard • Associate architect: AZ Architecture (Rouen), with F. Zachariasen • Building contractor: QUILLE • Engineering & design office: Economie 80 (economist), ITEC (fluids), SICRE (structure), PEUTZ (acoustician)

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