Toulouse Mediatheque_vue de nuit
2004 • José Cabanis Media Library, Toulouse
Marengo urban district , Toulouse

The Media Library of Toulouse is the symbolic building of the Marengo District urban renewal, a link between past and future, bordering the historic center's urban structure, protector of a modern space that builds up on the existing city's layers.

  • The building asserts the Jaurès-Jolimont main metropolitan axis, it punctuates it without interrupting its flow, it strengthens the perspective and enhances the architecture as an urban fact. It integrates through a unifying outer layer the complex and diverse program's several components.
  • Two volumes, connected underground and in the sky, are framing the main axis. There are crowned by a belvedere-roof, which plays an exceptional role: from there, the city offers itself to one's stare. Alive day and night, the Marengo Gate becomes Wilson's square counterweight, in order to better revive the Jean Jaurès' paths.
  • It's at said paths' end that the edifice rises from a lower level garden, opening itself toward it. The main axis crosses above the garden thanks to a footbridge that becomes a square, where meetings and distributions occur, the strong link and focal point between Place Carrée and the Jean Jaurès paths.

Program: Madia library, auditorium 13,500 sq.m. • National Institute of television (INA): 1,000 sq.m. • Receiving area: 2,500 sq.m.• Cafeteria & retail : 1,300 sq.m. • Toulouse local TV station (TLT): 1,300 sq.m. • Parking & subway/train station access: 2,000 sq.m. • Built area: 25,500 sq.m. • Schedule: competition March 1997 • Delivery: April 2004 • Duration of works: 5 years • Cost of works: 37 million € • Developer/Contracting authority: City of Toulouse • Architect: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with F.Egreteau and C.Ramin • Associate architect: Séquences Architects (Toulouse), J.Hurtevent and P.Laborderie • Engineering & design office: OTH • Lighting engineer: Concepto - R. Narboni • Building contractor: Eiffage

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