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1998 • Marseilles Velodrome Stadium
3 Boulevard Michelet, 13008 Marseille

Rebuilding of Marseilles' Velodrome Stadium for the 1998 Soccer World Cup

  • The new stadium has the shape of a ship's hull that is delicately hanging on slipways. It establishes a powerful dialog with its site thanks to the terraces' cut in a curbed shape, in complete harmony with the surrounding hills' amphitheater.
  • Thanks to the English-style terraces density around the lawn, each spectator benefits from an optimal vision of the field and thus becomes completely involved into the action seen in this unique arena. All type of hierarchy is eliminated, as well as the bad spots, frustrations and potential explosive situations.
  • The stadium is anchored in history through is elliptical shape, true memory of the stadium. It is as well connected to the metropolis through the conservation of its original colonade, which stays as its urban facade toward the large Western square, the stadium main access, open toward the city and public life.

Program: international competition 1995 • To enhance the stadium capacity to 60-000 seats • Start of studies: Augustt 1995 • Delivery: April 1998 • Cost of works: 43.45 million €
Developer/Contracting authority: City of Marseilles • Managing developer: Société du Métro de Marseille • Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with B.Lenormand • Associate architect: François Averous (Marseilles) • Engineering & design office: Ingerop / Scobat • Landscape architect: Michel Corajoud • Building contractors: Chagnaud et Travaux du Midi

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