Rouen I_vue rue
1998 • School of Medicine & Pharmacy, Rouen
University Hospital, bd. Gambetta, Rouen
  • Within a "chaotic" environment, the university appears as a unified equipment, a compact urban campus, an identifiable group within its components, simply and softly connected. The university is organized as a simple system of independent buildings, which confer an autonomy of realization and management to each of them
  • A single address is visible from the city: the square onto which are anchored the three most symbolic university buildings. The group of buildings, research & Lecture theaters, frames in the background the Library. Those three buildings surrounding the square create a "call" that "responds" to the Chapel axis thus defining a powerful virtual connection between the hospital and the University. The square closed by those spaces forms the University antechamber, allowing the entrance's space "mise en scène" thus becoming a true public place.
  • The three edifices are federated by the central building, heart of the group, which contains at once the lobby and the Library-Administrative Bldg.: it lays at all flows' crossings. The main lobby opens with all its width, and through the entrance square, toward the city

Program: Four 4-story buildings • Classrooms, university library, lecture theaters, administrative offices, restaurant-cafeteria • Built area : 28,000 sq.m. • Schedule: competition winner April 1995 • Start of works: July 1996 • Delivery : October 1997 (1st phase), July 1998 (2nd phase) •
Cost: 32 million €
Developer/Contracting authority: SARR, Haute Normandie Regional Council • Lead architect: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with T. Eberhard and D. Jakob • Associate architect: AZ Architecture (Rouen), with F. Zachariasen • Main building contractor: QUILLE • Engineering & design office: ITEC (fluids), GEM 2000 (economist)

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