Rouen II_détail façade
2004 • ERFPS of Rouen
University Hospital, Rouen
  • The Regional Institute for Health Professional Training (ERFPS in French) gathers within the same building 11 schools of Paramedical Training, in close contact of the University Hospital and the existing School of Medicine & Pharmacy, with a main goal of integration and synergy.
  • This new location allows the creation of a true Health Professionals Urban Campus, made of the University Hospital, the Medical School and the ERFPS' "teamwork.". The chosen Urban Concept is the pursuit and affirmation of a fragmented but compact campus that si already expressed through the actual university.
  • The ERFPS edifice is thus part of an homogeneous urban ensemble and stands for its own identity through a unique architectural expression, while stating an image close to the one of the present university. By taking up the logic already expressed within the existing Lecture theaters & Library Building, the ERFPS building frees its ground for the common spaces and intensifies its superstructures thus shaping up the body. The open building's base integrates and expresses the lecture theaters' volumes, as major and significant elements of the program

Program: training center including 11 paramedical schools: 1 x 350-seat lecture theater, 1 x 200-seat lecture theater, 3 x 180-seat lecture theaters, Documentation center, administrative & teaching offices • Built area: 10,060 sq.m. • Schedule: start of studies September 2002 • Start of works: April 2003 • Delivery: March 2005 • Cost: 10.5 million €
Developer/Contracting authority: SARR, Haute Normandie General Council • Lead Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with T. Eberhard • Associate architect: AZ Architecture (Rouen), with F. Zachariasen • Building contractor: QUILLE • Engineering & design office: Economie 80 (economist), ITEC (fluids), SICRE (structure)

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