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2005 • Bayonne Tête de Pont
Uspcale urban renewal, Bayonne, France

Project perimeter of 4.5 Ha/11 acres within urban area: planning & construction of 3 blocks along the Adour river's left bank, close by Bayonne's historic center. The Buffi team proposed to make a lived-in park which aims at unifying the site several parts around the huge breath of air offered by the river and its generous banks.

  • Such unity takes shape thanks to the creation of a major axis linking up both river banks, on which major events happen
  • By transforming the fast lanes crossing the site into an urban boulevard, we give a true meaning to the notion of public space, the founding act of the area identity
  • By offering an urban cut-out which results from a reflection on urban historic and topographical issues, we opened the city toward the river and created new "continuities" and appealing vistas
  • By proposing a lived-in park, we created a "green density" where new urban lifestyles could be conceived

  • at urban scale : arriving from the Henri Grenet bridge is from now on one of the major urban access, thanks to the making of a true "City Gate" through the blueprint of an urban square which hosts a city public works facilities building
  • at city scale: to reconcile the extensive built area with the river, to extend the city exits towards the beaches, to support the block's specific identity and the fact that it is located between the river banks and the Roman arenas, and to extend the city's own density with a green, lived-in density
  • at district's scale: to weave links, to connect the city with the river, to create a park open toward the area, and to favor the blocks' openings toward vistas, sunlight and pathways

Program: residential units • Retail & parkings • Surface are: 55.000 sq.m. • Schedule: international competition finalist 2005 • Scheduled budget : 100 millions €
Developer/contracting authority: Eiffage, City of Bayonne • Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi, with S. Carnus • Landscape designer : Christine Dalnoky • Program Estimator : Laurence Guedj

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