Phosphore_vue aér. depuis mer
2008 • Phosphore (2020-2050)
Marseille, France

Architectural & Sustainable Development Lab

  • Architects: BUFFI Associés
  • Designer & Developer: Groupe EIFFAGE
  • Area & sizes: train station 75.000 sq.m., 450 m (L) x 120 m(D) x 50 m (H) / Mixed use Tower 160.000 sq.m., 320 m (H)
  • Program: "an innovative Urban Green Block that includes a multi modal "HQE" (French Label equivalent to BREEAM)train station with free standing nano technologies based vault and a mixed use "HQE3 towmer (offices, upscale apartments,four-star hotel). The whole project is based on the "positive energy" concept by combining both tower and train station, enough to supply the whole block with power thanks to renewable energies (solar, geothermal, hydrothermal and wind-based power), energy efficiency and sustainable development (natural ventilation)"

Une réalisation Heuveline