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2006 • Turin Area Vitali Spina 3
Housing, offices and upscale shopping mall, Turin

The City of Turin has one of the greatest tradition of cultural widening and entrepreneurial spirit in Europe, but if you carefully look at modern buildings and structures, it doesn't show. As of today, with numerous, large scale urban restructuring, like the footbridge over the train tracks and the industrial areas' building, it's a unique occasion to remodel the city beyond the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. It's a matter of integrating modern districts within the exiting urban fabric instead of of building new, impersonal suburbs. The City of Turin named Jean-Pierre Buffi as Head Architect on a particular, complex project, similar to the Bercy Park Front new district facing the Seine River in Paris, on which he was Head Architect. For the Turin project, he gave the main directions and supply a number of models as well as the global building context for the Spina 3 site:

  • This former industrial site's "requalification," organized around a new park made possible by the highway's burying, aims at anchoring itself to the existing urban fabric
  • The Residential Northern Front completes the street alignment while preserving its size and the rhythm of its crossings that are inviting openings towards the park. Such porosity with the park is obtained as well thanks to the U shaped buildings gathered around towers. With roof houses on top of them, said edifices are connected through walkways. The general composition is organized around a pivot made of a tower and of the red-and-white hotel which curbed facade is an invitation toward the block and its park
  • On the park's rim, social housing is designed like a fan to better benefit from optimal views and their limited height is hidden from the streets lower structures

Program: residential buildings, 3-star hotel, retail and offices, Media Village for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games • Housing (27.500 sq.m.), 3-star hotel (5.400 sq.m.) • Shopping mall (12.000 sq.m.) • Offices (1.500 sq.m.) • Built area: 61.400 sq.m. • Schedule: start of studies: April 2003 • Start of works: November 2003 • Delivery: December 2005 • Cosy: 65 million €
Developer/Contracting authority: Immobiliare Europea SpA • Lead Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with A. Bonora and G. Gamberini

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