Lulu_vue aérienne
2005 • Lulu Island
Abu Dhabi, E.A.U.

Like a reflection on Abu Dhabi's Corniche, Lulu Island (Pearl Island) frames the bay and transforms it day and night in a spectacular sea show stage. To the elegant Corniche responds a New Corniche and a Promenade that lines the island Eastern shore: Lulu's Corniche. Here lies the main public access area, with its resorts, exclusive retail and upscale restaurants, as well as luscious night life events such as outdoor concerts and lavish fireworks:

  • Here comes la "Passeggiata": small moorings and pontoons, seashore residences, as well as daily shuttle connections to Abu Dhabi. The Western coast of the Island includes high luxury residences, with seashore villas and their own private beach, condos facing the canals and lagoons as well as lush green hills, with a spectacular view toward the golf course. Reals districts area created around parks and heritage gardens with a French, Italian, English or Arabic flavor
  • Once on Lulu island, our main goal is that one feels like nowhere else: the passerby can cross the premises without seeing at any time a car while being most of the time immersed in luxuriant vegetation. Seaside winds, sumptuous vistas and sea scents mix to exuberant greenery and reply to an exceptional urban concept that favors lifestyle and sustainable development.
  • One comes to Lulu Island to live there or to spend memorable vacations in its human size, warm boutique-hotels: welcome to Abu Dhabi truly new fashionable resort, which includes a large Environmental Research Center, environment friendly office buildings, as well as breathtaking beaches and marinas, inviting fashion retail, and last but not least, the Palazzo, an Hotel and convention center shaped like a pearl!
Program: private international tender by invitation - Finalist • Luxury residences : villas (900,000 sq.m.) • Residential clusters (900,000 sq.m.), resort (2,000,000 sq.m.) • 5-star luxury hotels (150,000 sq.m.) • Offices & activities (200,000 sq.m.) • Mixed-use (500,000 sq.m.) • Environmental Research Center (150,000 sq.m.) • Surface gross area : 4,900,000 sq.m. • Schedule: start of studies : March 2005 • Project currently on hold • Developer/Contracting authority: CAPITAL Investments, AL RAYAAN Investments • Architects: Jean-Pierre Buffi & Marianne Buffi with V. Jacob and S. Carnus

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